Scrap foreign cars

Foreign cars

At the Car Scrap Pros, we also carry out scraping of cars registered abroad. It is still as easy to scrap the car with us, but the process looks a little different. When we arrive to pick up the vehicle, we issue a receipt, but also a scrap certificate. A certificate of registration and valid identification is then required to issue these.

The receipt means that we at the Car Scrap Pros take over the ownership of the vehicle and are responsible for the car being scraped properly. The scrap certificate is issued by the Car Scrap Pro, which is an authorized car scrap. The certificate must be attached when the registration in the country where the car is registered is made. In order for the scrap certificate to be complete, a completed, stamped and signed certificate is required.

Finally, the license plates are removed from the vehicle and we take the car with us. You as a vehicle owner are responsible for submitting the license plates along with the scrap certificate and registration certificate to the responsible authority in the country where the car is registered. This is for the car to be deregistered.


We will come and pick up your car and scrap it for free!

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