Scraping the car should be simple and easy

Scrap the car for free in Stockholm with the car scrap specialist


HOW IT WORKSOur process

For us at Bilskrotproffsen, it is important that the process is fast, smooth and safe for both our customers and employees

01. Collection

Bilskrotproffsen pick up cars in Stockholm, Uppsalas, Västmanlands, Södermans and parts of Östergötland County. We offer a safe, smooth and free pick-up of your vehicle! When we set a time for vehicle pick-up, we ensure that it is suitable for all parties. If you cannot attend the pick-up, we work to find a good and smooth solution.

02. Proof of registration

In order for the scrapping of your car to take place in the correct way, it is required that you have registration certificate (part 2) and identification at the handover. If you lack the registration certificate, you must order a new one from the Swedish Transport Agency website or by phone 0771-25 25 25. In some unique cases, the registration certificate has not been issued, should this happen in your case you can always contact the Swedish Transport Agency
customer service 0771-14 15 16.

03. Boka

Here you can easily and easily book a free pick-up of your vehicle. All you have to do is fill out the form and click submit. Then we take over the work and you do not have to think about anything other than registration certificate (part 2) and identification. Booking a pickup for your vehicle has never been easier!


We are one of Sweden's leading players in the industry and make it easy and easy to scrap the car.


Free collection

Large stock with car parts

GUIDEOur guide to scrap the car

Do you want to know how to scrap your car? Click the button below to see our gudie!

Scrap the car for free in Stockholm - Bilskrotsproffset

Did you know that scraping the car together with the car scrap pros is simple, smooth and completely FREE?

When your vehicle is no longer in working order, the Car Scrap Pros will make a quick and effective job of scraping your car. Let’s get your car completely free of charge. Book the appropriate date and time for pick-up, in most cases we can scrap the car the same day!

Contact us for an appointment or for further information on the Scrap Pros and our services. We look forward to your call and wish to be the obvious choice when you need to scrap your car!

Bilskrotproffsen - free collection

We are leading players in the industry and ensure that all our customers can scrap the car for free. Scraping the car with us, on the other hand, comes with more benefits than free pickup – we also make sure to do the environment a favor by using large transport vehicles to transport several vehicles at a time. If you want to scrap your car, we are the right choice for you!

An authorized car scrap in Stockholm

For many years, the car scrap pros have good knowledge when it comes to environmentally friendly scraping and dismantling of cars. We are an authorized car scrap that always strives to reduce environmental impact by recycling and selling used car parts. For us, it is of great importance to meet our customers’ expectations both in terms of service and the quality of the used car parts we provide. Read more about ours environmental Policy och vår bilskrot!

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